"Swept into the beauty of the heavens, the greatest discovery lies concealed behind a glove."
Film Stills
Character Art: Anthony Atherinos, Brigit Pattak, Tonia Ciccone.
Background Art: Joseph Hoh
Compositing: Joseph Hoh Samantha Tan
Colouring: Anthony Thanaxay
Edited by Joseph Hoh. Artworks by: Anthony Atherinos, Brigit Pattak, Tonia Ciccone, Samantha Tan
Promotional Material created for our Kickstarter Campaign
The Wonderfully Made Kickstarter was successfully funded in March 2022, with the campaign concluding with 190% fund raised. Designer: Joseph Hoh
Concept Art & Beat Boards
Not every scene makes the final cut. A waterfall and spirit reflection were some of the ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor whereas others, like Nino flying through the sky or levitating in foetal position against the auroras, appear almost exactly like their concept art in the final film.
Concept & Background Artist: Joseph Hoh
Background Art
Apart from the sheer amount of different scenes, the most challenging aspect of designing backgrounds for this film was ensuring that they worked not just as pieces of art, but as functional environments for Nino to exist in. That meant that each background element had to exist on it's own layer and also extend far enough for camera movement to be added in post-production.

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