The nativity story has been told thousands of times.
Seeking out a fresh take for their annual Christmas Spectacular, Bridge Church once again recited the Biblical narrative but this time from the voice of a child.
In the university break of my second year of Animation I was given the task of creating the visuals for this unapologetically wholesome project.
Film Stills
Digital Paintings
We wanted to make this piece feel like a children's book come alive, so, to capture the mind of a child, I chose to keep my brushwork rough and expose painterly textures while describing forms in a simplified and occasionally abstract manner.
These illustrations were painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.
I often find that paintings in this style are effectively communicated as charcoal (styled) storyboards.
 The tones and textures allow for a more accurate indication of the painterly style.
Created for Bridge Church, Inc. now Neuma Church. (2018) Christmas Spectacular. 
Sound Design and Music by Joel Field.
3D Files
I assembled a rough 3D reference of the stable in Maya that could paint over in Photoshop for the final illustration.

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