Background Image
I desired that this credit sequence match the pacing and tone of the previous scene where the character lands on a calm beach in the late afternoon; it should leave the viewer with a sense of conclusion but that life continues on, somehow in a new way. In this sequence, gentle translucent waves spread across pebbles and smooth, sandy shore, revealing the credits as they wash back into the ocean. We hear the films main motif playing, a little jazzier this time, as eventually the crash of the waves against the shore fizzles out into ambience - then silence.
It was important to me to nail the tone of this sequence without doing too much and breaking the reflective moment for the viewer. There are no cuts, no flashy transitions or catchy songs, just the natural breath of waves on the shoreline.
Time-lapse video of the background artwork
I began with a blurred out version of the previous scene's last shot so ensure continuity. You may notice a glove being drawn in the final moments of this process video, originally the idea was to end the sequence with Nino's glove - a core symbol in the film - washing away out of screen into the ocean.
Shadow tutorial in Procreate 5X
Frame-by-frame text reveal animation

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